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Currently racing every Saturday at the Hobby Town race track in Austin.  I race in both the Sedan 200mm nitro class as well as the Electric 1/10th scale class.

Races are every Saturday and I attend as many as possible. Unfortunately, school work does get in the way...

Texas Biggie: TQ and 4th
I stripped the 2nd gear 5 times during the main after leading by two laps 10 minutes into the main.
SWCS # 3: 8th
I did not run the qualifications as I was rebuilding engines. The main was rained out. During the last open warmup, I was very very happy with my car and even more disappointed when the race was cancelled.
SWCS # 1 (reschedule): 6th
I broke the big bearing in the engine during the main while in 2nd position.
Lonestar Series - Overall Results
Nitro: 1st Place
19T: 2nd Place.
Lonestar Race 3: Houston
Nitro: 2nd
19T: 2nd
Lonestar Race 2 Austin
Nitro 1st
19T 2nd
5th. I had the TQ. Engine failure.
Lonestar Race 1 San Antonio
Nitro 6th (Finished 3rd on the track. Unfortunately had some transponder issues.)
19T 2nd
Speedline GP: 5th place B Main (3rd after bump up)
A disappointing grand prix for me. I was unable to be in Houston for either of the two qualifying days. We drove down during the night and I was ready to race from the last spot on the grid. My normal car setup for Houston was pretty close and I was quickly up to speed. While leading by almost a lap, I unfortunately broke the clutch bearing half way into the 15 min B main and could not recover. I practiced over an hour before the race without issues and was disappointed with this breakdown.